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Set-up Wizard

Unlocking your golf potential

In the world of golf, players constantly strive for improvement and consistency in their game. That's where Set-Up Wizard comes into play, a golf methodology born out of the passion and dedication of a PGA teaching golf professional.​


The idea for Set-Up Wizard originated from the recognition of the importance of a proper setup and perfect alignment. Every seasoned golfer knows that a correct set-up is crucial for a successful swing. With that in mind, and a profound understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing, developed a unique approach to help players refine their technique and unlock their potential. ​


The secret of Set-Up Wizard lies in the use of our bespoke alignment sticks. These simple yet powerful tools will assist players in aligning their body, club, and target line. By incorporating these alignment sticks into our methodology, we provide golfers with the opportunity to perfect their set-up, resulting in consistent and accurate shots.​ 


What sets Set-Up Wizard apart is its commitment to a holistic approach to the game of golf. We recognize that every golfer is unique, with different physical abilities and learning styles. That's why we offer personalized training sessions and guidance, taking into account the individual needs and goals of each player. With our methodology, players can elevate their game and build confidence on the golf course.​ 


At Set-Up Wizard, we believe that a strong set-up forms the foundation for success in the game of golf. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps on the golf course or an experienced professional looking to sharpen your skills, our methodology is ready to guide you on your journey to golfing excellence. Discover the power of Set-Up Wizard and unlock your golf potential!

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